Top worst countries to emigrate to

5: Cyprus

While no battles have been fought in recent years, the island is still divided in two; the independent Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Cyprus. The UN administers the peace, which most proves to be an constant annoyance to islanders who would rather get on with life. While the economy is relatively developed, the lingering political problems could potentially be a flash point one day. The Brits also control a large part of the island with sovereign military bases.

4: Albania

Albania hasn’t been in the news in the last few years but many remember when the whole country collapsed under massive pyramid scheme. This basically trashed the economy and turned the country into a hub for organized crime. The country has slowly rebuilt itself and is modernizing its economy (it wants to join the EU). There are ample business opportunities for the brave, but time would be on your side.

3. Nauru

Nauru is a small dot in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It’s only valuable resource was phosphate, thanks for thousands of years of guano build up. At one time, the islanders were some of the richest people in the world. Now, phosphate mining is gone and the island is a wasteland. The island has mass unemployment, no tourist industry whatsoever and very few reasons to actually go there. Recently, the island served as an internment camp for Australian illegal immigrants. The island subsists on international aid currently. Expect the people to eventually leave, especially as global warming begins to swallow up small, unprotected Pacific Islands.

2. Mexico

Mexico has a long history and is sometimes a pleasant place to visit. The problem is that no one wants to live there. Every year millions of it’s citizens attempt to flee, most of them to the USA. Mexico has a relatively developed economy, but it’s unstable as is it’s government as well as having graft and corruption unparalleled anywhere except maybe a Halliburton Board meeting. Generally it’s wise to avoid going against the tide of immigrants leaving a country.

1. North Korea

North Korea is a place that people try to escape from. The whole country is basically a massive concentration camp. People starve under the decadent rule of Kim John Il. It also features an undeveloped, crumbling economy and non-existent infrastructure and political suppression that hasn’t been seen since the days of Stalin. North Korea is a great place if you fancy eating grass and leather shoes to survive. Keep an eye on it though, once the regime collapses and it’s re-unified with South Korea, expect the economy to take off like a rocket; South Korea has one of the most high tech and developed economies in the world.

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